Monday, May 19, 2008

Sorry for the Wait!

I didn't realize that it has been so long since I've written. The musical the first week in April turned out to be a very big hit. I received so many compliments because of it. I even got to be the senior that pulled out the rubber chicken, a tradition that our school has done for years. At the last performance a senior gets to pull out a rubber chicken as a joke. Mr. Schreiber always says that he doesn't like it, but I think deep down he doesn't mind too much. And both of my sisters who live on the coasts came to watch me. It was really nice because they haven't really ever seen me perform in person before. I've always had to send them the movies. But the greatest surprise I got that weekend was Jonathan came to see it! He told me that he was going to fly in the Sunday after the musical got over. I was pretty downhearted about that, because I was hoping he could come and see it. But then I was getting ready for church Sabbath morning, and I was just planning on looking kind of meteocure and not going way out of my way to look my best, but Karlene was like "Can I curl your hair?" And I looked at the clock and it was almost time for Jeff and me to leave and I said "If I don't hurry up Jeff's going to leave me." Then Karlene said, "Oh, I think he'll wait." So she curled my hair. When church started I saw my family walk in and I didn't think anything of it, then I looked again and there were more people than just my family. Jonathan and his mom walked in!! I was singing up front and when I saw him walk in I stopped singing and my jaw dropped to the floor. I almost forgot where I was for a moment. It was really one of the greatest surprises I've ever experienced. He stayed for a week or so and we had a lot of fun. It was hard to say goodbye again.

Since the musical ended I haven't done too much. Mostly I've just been focusing on graduation. I only have 5 days of school left! It feels so weird to think that I'm going to be the one leaving the school this year. At the graduation ceremony the choir sings a couple songs. The whole choir is singing "Good Ridence" by Greenday and then just the seniors are sing "Leave you with a smile." My sister, Angi, and my cousin, Cathy, sang it their senior year. I know I'm going to cry when we sing it. I'm probably going to cry for most of the ceremony. I got my honor cords and my cap today. I'm going to be happy to be done, but sad to leave all my friends and important teachers too. It's so weird to think I'm almost done.

Now that the musical is done

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