Thursday, October 11, 2007

18 years ago, I was born!

I had a very good birthday today. I woke up to balloons and roses in my bathroom (that's quite the sight to someone who is half awake at 6:30 in the morning). I was greeted at school by many people wishing me a happy birthday and my choir sang to me. I had supper at on of the diners in town where I got my meal for free. I ate with my parents, my brother Jeff, my sister Jaci and her four kids.

I got a lot of the things I wanted like the first seaon of "Little House on the Prairie," and a dvd of "Seven Brides for Seven Brother." Dad gave me a bunch of shirts that have Snoopy on them. He also gave me a pink mustang shirt and my brother saw it and said "That is supposed to be mine." We all laughed because it was pink. But the best gift was not from a family member or even a friend, it was from a stranger. I got a call from an admissions advisor from Northwestern College in St. Paul. He was calling to tell me that I have officially been accepted to that college! It's not Bethel, my first choice, but I still cryed because I was happy. At least I know that if things don't turn out for me to go to Bethel I have a place to go. And Northwestern is still a good school.

So today was a very good birthday.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Homecoming votes are in and the crowns are set.

This week is homecoming and we had our coronation tonight. It was quite an interesting night. The band got there really early so we played through about six pep band songs instead of only two and the choir sang songs from Queen and as usual "Be True to Your School." The rest of the evening went just as before, the different organizations would get up and introduce everybody and tell what their up coming events were. Then came the time we were all waiting for, the crowning of the king and queen.

Before our MCs even asked the kind candidates to stand up the all got up and went behind stage and no one knew what was going on. When they came back they all had put on funny hats and white face masks so no one knew who anyone was. (Leave it to my class to go against the grain) Mark Huber, the king from last year walked behind them trying to figure out who each one was, he couldn't figure it out that way so he went in front of them and slightly pulled their masks up and then began to jump the crown from each one's head finally resting it on Jacob Butcher's head. Our guys sure are crazy. Of course the audience still had no idea who our king was because he still had the mask on. They then crowned Meghan Jensen our queen. The MCs announced "And these are your Homecoming 2007 King and Queen," but we all were still wondering who our king was. After a while Jacob took the off the mask and all was well.

Quite the homecoming. Now let's just see how we do at the football game on Friday and how our volleyball team does tomorrow.