Friday, July 13, 2007

Born to be Wild!

I went to the Minnesota Zoo with the kids a nanny for, their mom and two of their cousins today. I hadn't been there in a while, I guess since 2nd grade. I didn't realize how it had changed. When I had went a long time ago I thought that we had elephants, lions, leopards, wolves, coyotes and a whole bunch of other animals but they didn't have any of those things there. Good thing we have a farely good sized aquatic part to our zoo, that is my favorite part. Tracy, the girls' mom, was asking me if I remembered coming to the zoo with her and her son, Weston, when we were 4 years old. And I said I did. We went to the zoo about four months before Tracy and Weston were in a very bad car crash and Weston had a lot of problems come on to him. It was a really fun time going there I remember though.

When we were there we decided to see a movie in their Imax theater. It was in 3-D. It was so cool!!! Sometimes it got hard to watch because the screen in so big so you have to dart from one side of it to the other to see the whole picture, but it was really fun anyhow.